Chapter 12: Family Planning

About the Class: Understanding Wall Building


I was so blessed by the class on Reconciliation and the willingness to invite Jesus into the conversation. The picture of Nehemiah is still breath-taking to me in perceiving our own situations. The site of destruction became the very place where God’s promises were activated. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to read both Chapter 11 as well the book of Nehemiah in the Bible. As we discussed, God is after reconciliation, but before it can happen in the family, it requires an honest look at the assignment we are personally given. We were encouraged and edified to focus on the work we need to do, while at the same time understand the agenda of God; which is to bring things back to alignment.


Recordings worked great this week! As did the webinar itself. If you haven’t been following along, I encourage you to try it out. We are able to offer an audio and video recording this time. For the most part we were happy with the technology as it allowed group discussion to be a bit more organized, and we are working individually with anyone who experienced difficulty.


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Next week will be our last and final class! Besides our technology issues, I do ask that you provide some feedback on how the pace and content has been offered. Some people have suggested that we go a few more weeks for future workshops. We will be looking at Family Planning: this is relevant to a family who is entering into the mode of recovery, but it’s also a road map of what to look towards if you are still dealing with active addiction. I will address signs of relapse, and even what relapse is for that matter. We’ll refer to a helpful chart, and also review the planning and contracts that can be used in this process.

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