Chapter 11: Closing the Rooms of the Past

Chapter 11: Closing the Rooms of the Past

Please note: This is a class from 2012 that was recorded with different technology. You will need to have flash software activated on your device to watch this webinar.

Chapter 11 is the first of several chapters where we are being asked to personalize this process through our own unique relationship issues. Addressing the past is something we have done in other ways throughout the workbook process. However, we are at this point entering into each room to assign the task of allowing an actual cleaning, healing and organization in our heart to take place. While this process can contain some significant spiritual transactions, it may happen in an extremely gradual way, thus it may not seem as evident that something has actually transpired. Keep in mind that we are re-wiring how to think, perceive, react to emotions and establish perspective on our relationship issues. Thus some of that process will need to be emphasized over and over to form a new pattern. Like a rut, we will need to get out of the established thought processes and belief systems.

One thing that is most remarkable about grace is that God can always turn everything into some form of redemption. Some rooms will be gently closed permanently, and God will use the testimony to showcase the power of grace. We will not be able to fix or change anything. Some rooms will be  ordered and allow us to gain the right understanding to learn how to function in that current relationship in a more healthy way.  These rooms require cleansing, but will also require boundaries. Some relationships will simply house a “reserved” sign on the front door, remaining in a “waiting season” for that person to be available to engage in that relational room.

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