Chapter 10: Embracing Authentic Identity


in this class we began by discussing the important subject of “systems.” The goal of recovery isn’t so much that we fix the external behaviors and circumstances, but rather that we learn to move away from a system of shame, and take hold of a system of grace.

As grace is activated and real in our lives, God desires to form Himself in us and then set us back into alignment to our design. This isn’t something that we should feel is foreign or strange. Rather, it should be a holy relief to finally be given the right and permission to be who God created us to be. There is no ability to measure the extent of this gift. Authentic identity is about being in unity with God’s heart, and having access to His point of view, His purposes, His calling. It’s about walking out a destiny that was created specially and uniquely for us.

If you haven’t yet met yourself and find yourself still in the condition of “identity theft”, simply press ahead. Don’t give up on the miracle of your God-given identity and purpose. It will come.

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Workbook 1 Chapter 10

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