Available Courses

35.00 (Suggested)

Boundaries & Cycles of Pain 2021 (Updated)

This boundaries workshop is a four-hour mini-course workshop that will introduce the concept of cycles of pain including how to manage victimization, rescuing and shame. The workshop is intended to give empowerment tools to make better choices and to then draw that into practical plans.



Levels of Faith: Growing in Grace

Are you growing or stagnating? Are you on the treadmill of spiritual performance and don't know how to get off? This mini-course is set up to provide you with simple but powerful principles that can change the way you see the Christian life and find the pathway and understanding to set you free.

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Finding Safe

Finding Safe is a 8-week course with a 6-week workbook and devotional designed to re-write the mindsets of fear with the power of love. It exposes the presence of fear, the power of trauma and the reality of relationship strains while offering an even greater resources that births calm, gentle and peace in the middle of our storms.


$60.00 (Suggested)

A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy and the processes of restoration. This course goes for 21 weeks and offered on-demand.



Christian Codependence Workshop

The Christian Codependence Recovery Book Study is a journey through the heart of God where we explore His perspective and His pathways towards love, peace and wholeness. Codependence isn't a label to claim, but a mindset to release. Through the power of authentic connection and gentle truth, we can re-learn God's plans and find the purpose for our lives.


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