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Empowered Learning for Life

35.00 (Suggested)

Boundaries & Cycles of Pain

This boundaries workshop is a four-hour mini-course workshop that will introduce the concept of cycles of pain including how to manage victimization, rescuing and shame. The workshop is intended to give empowerment tools to make better choices and to then draw that into practical plans.


$60.00 (Suggested)

A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy and the processes of restoration. This course goes for 21 weeks, and will be offered through a live classroom event as well as an on-demand option.


$395.00 (Registration)

ACADC Counselor Certification Program

This course includes all the modules necessary to complete the required educational hours for the CDAAC and the state level drug and alcohol counselor.


Empowered Learning for Life

You were made to be free. Whether you are seeking a deeper understanding of your own journey, or you are being equipping to help others, education is beyond intellectual and taps into the supernatural resources of grace, redemption and love. We must carry it to give it away.

Make your career count.

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