Intro to AHTGB

What is a House that Grace Built?

Thank you so much for joining us! Are you wondering if this journey is for you? Please take some time to learn more about what we will be covering in the coming weeks. This webinar was recording in 2014/2015 in front of a live workshop. In the course of this workshop, we changed technology and even locations, thus you’ll see the format of this change somewhere in between. Furthermore, there were classes that weren’t recorded due to technical issues, we at times we used webinars recorded in 2012 to fill in those gaps. Collectively, you’ll have each teaching! But the way it is delivered will be different!

For those of you that have never read “The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook: From Surviving to Significance” we encourage you to venture into that workshop first. To watch the webinar, simply click below. If you experience problems, please contact us directly.