Thrive Intentional Living 16-Week Workshop

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Our New Workshop Begins January 21st, 2016

On-site at:

Spirit of Life Recovery Education Room (Space is Limited !)

18652 Florida Street, Suite 200

Huntington Beach, CA  92649


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What is the Thrive 16-Week “Live with Intention” Workshop?

Thrive Workshop is a goal-oriented, spiritual workshop designed to help you become who you are created to be. It uses the spiritual law of seeds and soil to help you gain access to your full potential as a son or daughter of the Living God. Thrive will address issues of the heart, and focus on uprooting the wrongful things in your life that may have been planted through experiences, trauma, faulty messaging, sinful strongholds, or generational curses. It will also focus on developing an atmosphere where grace can activate God’s intentional design for you, allowing you to grow, thrive and live the abundant life He promises.

Over 16 weeks we will be breaking down concepts, ideas and Biblical truths as we focus on healing, transformation and grace, specifically as it relates to addiction, codependency and other destructive patterns. But to see true action, we are encouraging you to use the planning and goal setting tool we will be providing for everyone registered. This tool will help you to:

  • Learn to plan your day and effectively use the greatest resource at our disposal – time
  • Partake of the benefit of a spirit-led perspective where you can individually and collectively in a group (holding each other accountable) ignite all your plans with God’s power. It all starts with prayer.
  • Benefit from the power of grace. You have room for error – you are not to emerge into perfection overnight. God doesn’t want to give you permission to fail, but He understands your weaknesses and is willing to meet you there. He actually is empowered the most in weakness, thus He will use the very place of fraility as the breakthrough points to give life.
  • Receive peace as you plan your life through God’s filter, instead of allowing the crisis and busyness of life plan you.
  • Track and journal your life to make each moment count. Better learn yourself, what triggers you, what patterns emerge over time, etc. The more you get to know yourself, the more God can have the access needed to change you (this is optional).
  • Practice gratitude.

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