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2022-23 A House that Grace Built Live Class

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy, restoration and boundaries. This course will help you to understand yourself and others through the heart of God's grace. It is a journey that goes building block by building block through the process of growth, change and inner healing. In 16 weeks you will uncover what matters the most about this life and the mystery of redemptive love.


Grace Based Boundaries: Breaking Cycles of Pain (with Conflict Resolution)

This course will enable you to understand the conflict and strain of relationship pain, while granting you the ability to assess and set boundaries. It will use the strategy of grace to remove the obstruction shame creates in cycles of pain. This class contains five parts and will offered LIVE beginning January 3, 2022.


Misunderstood: The Book of Job

The book of Job is a study through pain, struggle and the relentless question of God’s goodness in suffering. But it’s also about mending the heart through the tools of God’s perspective. What Job receives through his awful ordeal is an awareness that can set our own heart free. And through it, we can forever learn how to be ambassadors of grace.


Boundaries & Cycles of Pain 2021 (Updated)

Boundaries and Breaking Cycles of Pain reveals the destructive patterns of relationship cycles that birth breakdowns and divide. It also introduces the concepts of grace to combat and overcome these cycles and find the freedom of grace, power and boundary building.


Levels of Faith: Growing in Grace

This course will help you to assess the growth of your spiritual journey though the amazing resource of grace. You will evaluate the mindset of freedom over the mindset of religion.


Finding Safe

Finding Safe is a 8-week course with a 6-week workbook and devotional designed to re-write the mindsets of fear with the power of love. It exposes the presence of fear, the power of trauma and the reality of relationship strains while offering an even greater resources that births calm, gentle and peace in the middle of our storms.


Boundaries & Cycles of Pain (May 2020)

This boundaries workshop is a four-hour mini-course workshop that will introduce the concept of cycles of pain including how to manage victimization, rescuing and shame. The workshop is intended to give empowerment tools to make better choices and to then draw that into practical plans.


A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy and the processes of restoration. This course will help you understand how to fill the gap between the unmet needs or painful spaces in relationship with the resource of grace.


Codependence Intensive Program

The codependence intensive is a small counseling-based workshop that goes chapter by chapter through the workbook with the benefit of interaction and group feedback.


ACADC Counselor Certification Program

This course includes all the modules necessary to complete the required educational hours for the CDAAC and the state level drug and alcohol counselor.


Christian Codependence Workshop

The Christian Codependence Recovery Book Study is a journey through the heart of God where we explore His perspective and His pathways towards love, peace and wholeness. Codependence isn't a label to claim, but a mindset to release. Through the power of authentic connection and gentle truth, we can re-learn God's plans and find the purpose for our lives.