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Trauma Bonding & Codependence (Freedom Friday)

What is the link between codependence and trauma-based relationships? They are so intertwined that they can't be distinguished. We will explore the nature of trauma's role in the relationship strategy of codependence as a means of survival and the impact of the body, soul and spirit.


Christian Families in Recovery – On Demand

We will provide an online course that coincides with "Christian Families in Recovery." This will provide insight for those who struggle and also for family members looking for the "why" and "how" to manage someone's negative emotions, behaviors and communication style. The first class will provide definitions and assessment strategies. The second class will provide help, treatment and boundary application.


Help for Anxiety (Freedom Friday)

This workshop provides some basic definitions of anxiety and how it affects in our body, soul and spirit. Using Biblical guidance as well as practical tools, we will explore the nature of anxiety, the roots that drive it and the resource we can access as defined in Matthew 11:28. We will reflect on scriptures as well as learn to interact truth in a manner that drops them from the head to the heart. Anxiety isn't just a spiritual battle - but there are spiritual solutions.


2022-23 A House that Grace Built Live Class

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy, restoration and boundaries. This course will help you to understand yourself and others through the heart of God's grace. It is a journey that goes building block by building block through the process of growth, change and inner healing. In 16 weeks you will uncover what matters the most about this life and the mystery of redemptive love.


Grace Based Boundaries: Breaking Cycles of Pain (with Conflict Resolution)

Accessible only to those already registered! This book is in publication. New registration is no longer open. Please log into the course if you already registered. Once this book is in final print, we will be offering a live and new on-demand option!


Misunderstood: The Book of Job

Job explores the heavy topic of grief and loss. But even more difficult, it assaults the question "where is God when it hurts?" While Job is filled with pain and suffering, it is a direct admonishment of the hope, power and restoration of heaven. It will teach us not only in our own journey, but in those people around us to approach this topic with the delicate perspective of grace, kindness and empowerment. In the future, this bible study will be offered in published format. For now, please enjoy the draft version!


Boundaries & Cycles of Pain 2021 (Updated)

Boundaries and Breaking Cycles of Pain reveals the destructive patterns of relationship cycles that birth breakdowns and divide. It also introduces the concepts of grace to combat and overcome these cycles and find the freedom of grace, power and boundary building.


Levels of Faith: Growing in Grace

This course will help you to assess the growth of your spiritual journey though the amazing resource of grace. You will evaluate the mindset of freedom over the mindset of religion.

Finding Safe

This is preview material only for people who have previously registered for a class. New and updated content is in the process of review and publication and will be available within the year.


Boundaries & Cycles of Pain (May 2020)

This boundaries workshop is a four-hour mini-course workshop that will introduce the concept of cycles of pain including how to manage victimization, rescuing and shame. The workshop is intended to give empowerment tools to make better choices and to then draw that into practical plans.


A House that Grace Built

A House that Grace Built takes you into a journey of your inner world to learn about love, intimacy and the processes of restoration. This course will help you understand how to fill the gap between the unmet needs or painful spaces in relationship with the resource of grace.


Codependence Intensive Program

The codependence intensive is a small counseling-based workshop that goes chapter by chapter through the workbook with the benefit of interaction and group feedback.

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