Devotional: I’m Honored by God

You are honored, and I love you – Isaiah 43:4

I looked upon a world that seemed prosperous and happy. I scrolled through smiles of other people’s carefree life. I felt left behind. What did they have that I didn’t? Why did they find what I couldn’t? Fear reminded me that the past was too complex to fix. Its wound would never resolve. Its voice would carry throughout a lifetime. I couldn’t move on. I couldn’t start fresh. So I hid inside my own skin. I sought for things to birth security. I looked for material solutions. Until I became exhausted by my efforts.

When Jesus ravished my heart He brought nothing for me to do. He didn’t give me a strategy of making my way back to Him. He didn’t promise fame or even wealth to fix what was broken. But He gently picked me up. He lifted me off the floor. He dusted off my dirt. He placed me at the table and gave me the privilege of being His child.

I am enough to live my life. I have enough to overcome the past. I can be who God created me to be. I am not a product of other people or broken dreams. I am not left as an orphan. I’m looked after, cared for, loved and redeemed. I can go through life with this honor bestowed upon me, being richly satisfied in no other opinion other than King Jesus.

Meditation Point: Moving Towards Hope

I was made for royalty not imprisonment. I am honored by the One who formed the heavens and the earth. He has His eye on the world, but His heart is directed towards me. So I can accept myself on the basis that He loves me.

When I Struggle with my Worth:

Father God,
Sometimes it seems that I’m on outskirts looking in at other people’s success. I feel left behind, unnoticed, unwanted. I have driven my life by the wrong priorities, I have looked for the wrong things. But in my heart I want to know you. In my soul I need you to refresh me and remind me who I am, and who you are to me.

In Jesus name – Amen

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